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Kautilya is a new age Natural Language Processing (NLP) based and Machine Learning (ML) enabled Business Intelligence and Analytics system. It covers all the possible requirements that an Enterprise has for analyzing its data, be it large Pixel Perfect Production Reports, Ad Hoc Reports, Data Visualization, Self Service & Real time Analysis including Social Media and Portal Data, Predictive or Advance BI. Kautilya differentiates itself from conventional BI and Visualization Analytics Tools with its NLP enabled interface to give lightning fast search and viewing capabilities across corporate data.

User Dashboard

Now drop any chart, ticker, widgets or even reports built by technology onto your own personal dashboard and see it change at different time intervals including real time!

Analytics Storyboard

Data Visualization made super simple! Just click on filters or any data point and see its effect on all other widgets!What more,do Analysis within Analysis! All of this at lightning speed due to Kautilya’s unique columnar,In memory database which allows you to analysis millions of records in seconds

NLP Search based Pinboard

Tired of looking at static widgets and watching IT always lag behind your spur of the moment requirements? Now search through your Corporate Data in seconds and push them onto a Pinboard where you can create your own custom Pinboard and see it refresh as and when needed.