How Kautilya Can Help You

Transactional systems like ERP, CRM, SCM and others are good at collecting data or information about various aspects of business. However the input of transactions are done by a much lower level of professionals in the organization than the ones taking the purchase decision on these systems. It is the CXOs who decide on the purchase decisions and more often than not it is based on the outputs that these tools produce by way of reports. The richer in content and prettier the reports the bigger are chances of that tool becoming the one purchased.

Kautilya is a product which can give amazing visualization to the content. It enables the organization to save time by ensuring that the end users, specially senior members do not have to waste time in reading through mundane reports, rather they can get intuitive visualizations through which data can be seen very quickly and the outliners caught as and when they appear. This saves the time of the senior management thus saving their time and money for the company. Besides this, it works as a great enabler for quick decisions ensuring far lesser mistakes and if nothing else, at least fortifying decisions taken on intuition thus diminishing the chances of poor decisions.

Users can design there own dashboards based on there different types of reports, they can add or delete reports and  can set minimum to maximum  amount of  sales alerts like a traffic signal. Now drop any chart, ticker, widgets or even reports built by technology onto your own personal dashboard and see it change at different time intervals including real time!

Data Visualization made super simple! Just click on filters or any data point and see its effect on all other widgets! What more,do Analysis within Analysis! All of this at lightning speed due to Kautilya’s unique columnar, In memory database which allows you to analysis millions of records in seconds.

Tired of looking at static widgets and watching IT always lag behind your spur of the moment requirements? Now search through your Corporate Data in seconds and push them onto a Pinboard where you can create your own custom Pinboard and see it refresh as and when needed. You can also create different tabs for data analysis like sales tab, returns tab, inventory tab, etc.

  • Provide Google like Searches.
  • Only product globally which provides a 360 degrees view on Corporate data through BI.
  • Only product which provides factory process reporting, Self Service/Data visualization, Predictive Analytics as well as an NLP led engine.
  • Ability to pull data from multiple sources through JDBC – ODBC bridge including databases, excel, text files, etc.
  • Easy install within a couple of hours.
  • Complete lifecycle management of reporting requirements; from dashboard to reports to analysis to what if analysis of same data and finally discussion on the same which is all stored for posterity.
  • Completely unified single repository solution.
  • Ability to retain older versions of reports without re running the reports even after the data in system has changed.
  • It is built using Java and components thus portable to any platform.
  • It is an end to end product handling Production Reporting, Ad Hoc Reporting, Data Exploration/Visualization, Self Service BI and Advanced Analytics all on a single platform.
  • It has a unique NLP/Keyword combination to ensure that it is able to answer most questions.
  • It handles conditions like Filters, greater than/ less than, other conditions like In/Not in/ like, etc.
  • A user can use Kautilya to download huge sets of data in excel after data parsing through complex questions.
  • Supports both text to speech and speech to text for asking questions and getting answers.
  • It has its own core product thus providing better integration with existing systems.
  • It has over 14 years of experience working with many Fortune 500 customers across the globe.
  • It has the first ready made solution for the Manufacturing Industry for Measuring efficiencies.
  • It understands Manufacturing extremely well and has build best of breed KPIs.
  • It will implement the Solution in 60 days or less.
  • Option to buy the solution or rent it on a per user per month basis.

Kautilya Components

  • NLP

    The Natural Processing engine in Kautilya allows extremely complex searches by end users in a Google like interface on Enterprise Data.

  • Enterprise Reporting

    Ability to handle large complex, live and dynamic reports from multiple systems.

  • Ad Hoc Reporting

    Empowering the end user to get information as desired through simple interface.

  • Data Visualization/Analytics

    Fulfills the end user’s need to analyze data from different dimensions along with some extreme charts.

  • What If Analysis through Excel Sheet Live Export

    The scenario building is extremely user friendly way while keeping the data secure.

  • Dashboard

    Get all this information along with tickers, traffic signals and speedometers in a single user friendly view.

  • Facebook & Click Stream Data Integrator

    Now get your Facebook and Portal data and see it along with your company Data.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Kautilya uses one of the most popular libraries to deliver highly intuitive web based Predictive Analytics with complete regression and statistical modeling.

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