Business Intelligence & Big Data

Getting information out of any system is a necessity and a challenge; necessity as the utility of any system is finally seen through the information it provides to the end user and challenge in many ways including complexity of data and now a new, fast emerging problem of size of data.

The desire of companies to store as much data as possible for later on use is fuelled by the new adage; data is king. As data is increasing day by day there is no doubt that Business Intelligence and Data Analytics are becoming important tools in today’s era as that seems to be the only logical way to be able to quickly comprehend the deep relationships in data.

The major problem faced by many companies is to manage the Data. The information’s often taken from various sources that don’t always correlate, which complicates matters while planning a BI project.

Business Intelligence as a tool can take this scattered information from various sources at a time and can help giving not only expected results but also give deep, hidden trends based on the data and relationships. One can also get some predictions about future based on current trends.

Big Data

As written earlier, data sizes are increasing, and that too in geometric proportions for many organizations. However big data does not always have to translate into Hadoop. Big data is a term where data sizes can be large however the ways to handle the same do not have to be a single line approach. There is also a clear cost of handling big data which means one has to evaluate how much data needs to be pushed into the Analytics framework where it is monetarily viable. Every company has a different reason to use Big Data from planning Business Strategies to consumer behaviour analysis to reducing cost to predictive analysis.

Some prominent user of Both Big Data and Business Industries in India are

  1. Automobile Manufacturing Sector

Some of the India’s biggest automobile manufacturers have been gathering customer data from various sources and constantly analyzing their feedback to improve their products as per customer need. This helps them get some loyal customers and increase their overall sales.

  1. Travel and Tourism Sector

Online Travel Websites / Agencies are analyzing the ratings and feedbacks of their customers on the websites .This is helping them not only to introduce new product lines but also improve their services.

  1. Capital Markets

For doing a complete trend analysis and prediction analysis, Stock Exchanges are effectively using Big Data to predict the trends and performance of shares and commodities.

  1. Banking and Insurance

Banks are using Big Data technologies like credit rating, credit history to get prediction against potential fraud customers. Insurance companies are using predictive analysis for managing risks and identifying frauds effectively.

  1. E-Commerce

For coming up with attractive deals E-Commerce giants are utilizing Big Data the most. They are analyzing customers shopping history, based on which they are providing list of suggested products to existing , potential customers based on a customer’s browsing history. A senior analyst of one of the largest Online retailer pointed out that about 31% of the e-commerce company’s orders come through their analytics-driven systems.

  1. Telecom Sector

Telecom Service providers are analyzing Data Usage Patterns to improve their services. Big Data is also used to improve the service quality by analyzing network traffic in real time. A New Delhi-based has used data analytics to quickly identify customers who reach certain levels of usage and present them with marketing promotions within a short duration of usage.

The 2014 Lok Sabha Elections was also a great example of how Big Data was used by the Bharatiya Janata Party to spearhead its election campaign on Social Media. The same year, NASSCOM released a report which predicted that the analytics market in India could reach $2.3 billion by the end of 2017-18. Big Data has led to a shift in the BI tools as well.

Kautilya Business Intelligence

Kautilya Business Intelligence not only helps in analyzing the huge data which is collected from different systems or sources but also helps companies in designing a tailor made BI solution. Its NLP dashboard empowers the users to know the data insights by simply typing business questions in a natural language. It minimizes the effort of IT team and saves a lot of time, effort and cost of the organization. With run time data insights and visualization, it allows the users to take business decisions on the fly.
Kautilya Business Intelligence with Predictive/Advance Analytics Feature helps users to forecast the futuristic data by doing in-depth analysis of various reports gathered from multiple systems in real time and based upon past trends thereby helping key decision maker’s frame a strategy accordingly. And can forecast sales accurately which is data driven, not only intuition based. For this the challenge is to handle large sets of data while ensuing that the costs are well handled. Another big challenge is to ensure that all kinds of questions; some where the data is line data and others where there are aggregations are accounted for. Kautilya engineers thought long and hard and today we have a solution which using the smallest possible footprint can scale to millions of records in real time questions and answer them all in a few seconds. For this many technologies including columnar in memory as well as file systems and relational systems are used optimally to ensure this becomes a scalable yet affordable technology.

Kautilya Self Service BI not only helps key decision makers to design feasible marketing programmes but also helps in saving their IT resources. Time is of essence in E Commerce Industry and decision makers required a system or a solution which helps them to slice and dice the data on the fly to take a better decision, Kautilya factored this in when designing the solution.

Kautilya BI allows users to create their own dashboards based on their regularly used KPIs and reports for better understanding and visualization of their business data. It’s extremely simple for a user to add/delete/create their reports and save on the dashboard. It also allows users to choose different themes and colours combinations.

To know more about Kautilya BI solution, please drop us a mail or call us on below contact credentials. We would be more than happy to work with your organization and provide you solution which can add value to your organization.

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