OST's vision of Dashboard differs a little from the conventional wisdom shown in the BI world. OST feels that a Dashboard should be a screen or a page where an End User can decide by himself on what widgets or KPIs he wants on the page and can decide their placement and size with the page having the ability to expand both horizontally as well as vertically.

  • Dash boards contain items that become visual clues form top level executives to the busy entry level managers. Users can look at speedometers, traffic lights bar, different types of charts etc.

  • On a single page they can get the visual clues to problem areas

  • Users can also drill down to transactional level reports from dash board

  • The ticker provides information on very important Key performance Indicators

  • The uniqueness of Kautilya Dashboard lies in the fact that thru various components user can monitor business parameters from on demand to seconds to minutes to hours or any other time frame desired

  • There are also items where the end users can configure the business threshold value by themselves

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