Data to Business Intelligence Promoting Growth

Data to Business Intelligence Promoting Growth : Business in today’s time are capable enough to capture data in real time basis from many resources like customers transactions , social networks , market research ,etc. however the major problem is how to use this jungle of data to take out meaningful information to transform data into actionable knowledge translating into more business and profits.

More organizations are generating more data in a month than what they were generating in a year earlier. With a large amount of data generated the major issues faced is to get a real picture in a limited time frame from across all these different data sources. The situation is even more complicated when business has to battle with limited resources, accuracy of data managed with limited infrastructure to handle the data and investing capital in overcoming the problems is getting more and more difficult with shrinking margins.

It is known that the solution to the above mentioned problem involves implementation of a good Business Intelligence software which makes it easy to analyze, accumulate, share information in real time to the decision maker. Businesses are realizing the potential of Business Intelligence Software and are adopting them. Features like Self Service BI, Natural Language support for Search, Ad-Hoc Reporting, Digital marketing Analysis, Predictions, and Trend Analysis etc are becoming need of the hour for a business to stay ahead of competition.

By creating Cohort Report, doing trend analysis, using Predictive Analysis etc Businesses can get the real picture of their current position. Using Business Intelligence Tools like Kautilya BI they can keep an eye right from the phase of raw material entering a factory to end product being displayed at retail outlet.

Businesses can understand better consumer behaviour and can do the product improvement as per the need of the customer; they can understand the Psyche of their potential and existing customer thereby increasing an option to get better sales as per the current tend and need of the market.

There are many successful stories which clearly defines how proper implementation of Business Intelligence not only saved time, but also contributed in the overall increase in the efficiency of production line and reducing manufacturing cost thereby increasing profits.

Without Business Intelligence, Decision takers might depend on scattered, inaccurate, insufficient information, which in a longer run might prove as a business losing proposition for one while a gain for its competitor.

Business Intelligence Software if properly implemented not only keeps the Decision takers well informed with the real picture of existing business but also helps them to decide proper action plan in time of need.

However the complexities in implementing them coupled with high costs of purchasing and maintaining the same are some of the limiting factors for many companies.

This is where Kautilya Business Intelligence comes in. It is a fully built in India product which offers best of breed features which are not present in any one product even globally. Its NLP based Search feature is a boon to any business as it makes getting answers as simple as just asking the right question. Kautilya pricing too has been kept with the Indian customer in mind and even beyond that OST provides Kautilya at a monthly rental with the security of your data residing in your own premises. Kautilya helps companies to consolidate data from multiple databases in a very short time frame at a single place. Thereby making scattered data meaningful

The Synchronistic nature of Kautilya Business Intelligence will help to facilitate with ease every day task of data accumulation and data processing realistically accurate and fast. It also helps to reduce manual inputs thereby decreasing errors / Data Manipulation.

Predictive Analytics Kautilya Business Intelligence

With proper implementation of Kautilya Business Intelligence it becomes easy not only to identify business trends but also to respond quickly with a proper solution. Decision takers can analyze trends can generate a cohort report and act according to the market need.

Meaningful Reports can be generated using Kautilya Business Intelligence focussing on various business functions. This can be used by various departments to improve their efficiency.

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