How Kautilya BI can help you

Kautilya BI is an analytics software that helps organizations mine and analyze data, big and small to help your company improve its bottom line. It can help in the same in the following ways:

  1. Improve Business Productivity : Kautilya can pull up vital information from multiple systems simultaneously and present it in a manner that is easy to understand, execute and communicate thus providing a 360 degrees view on the organization. Kautilya can ensure that detailed reports are provided to companies ensuring that all the crucial information is presented in a well-documented and presentable manner so that information can be used to efficiently manage the business.

  1. Good Return on Investment (ROI) : Kautilya ensures faster ROI as companies can significantly reduce costs, enhance revenue, improve margin, drive cost avoidance and much more. Its unique ability to allow users to ask business like question and simply get the answers besides doing deeper analysis ensures that the user sends just a very small fraction of the time he would otherwise spend in getting his mission critical information. Also, it will ensure qualitative ROI such as improvements in business and process efficiency, employee productivity, better strategic decision making, customer satisfaction and much more. Companies relying on Kautilya BI can reduce operational costs due to improved operational efficiency and optimized business processes.

  1. Align business activities with corporate strategy. Companies incur a huge direct cost as well as opportunity cost when people, and even entire departments, focus on things that are not aligned with the company's strategy. Establishing metrics and key performance indicators aligned with strategy, then using Kautilya BI software to provide visibility and drive accountability, brings alignment of activities and outcomes with the desired strategic objectives. Kautilya’s unique ability to allow users to collaborate with each other and retain the conversations for future reference allowing review of strategy in the future too.

  1. It Empowers employees. The more people who have access to data, the greater value organizations will derive as a result. Kautilya BI has a feature called Page Level Security which allows companies to securely distribute limited data to different users and allow the product to scale very well to large number of users. It allows businesses to maximize information capital and turn every employee into a decision maker for his level of work. Armed with relevant, real-time information, individuals can make data-driven, informed decisions that impact the company's bottom line.

  1. Reduce time spent on data entry and manipulation. Kautilya BI system, if well-configured, can help eliminate the time spent copying and pasting data and performing calculations. That's because with Kautilya, employees can quickly generate reports where most of the leg work has already been performed behind the scenes and data too is automatically picked up from the databases without any manual intervention.

  1. Kautilya allows companies to discover patterns within customer behaviour, offering greater visibility into what customers want, when they want it and how they want it. This inside knowledge can turn into direct profit for a company by leveraging existing data on consumer habits and maintaining valuable customers. You can also apply customer insights from BI to understand who your best customers are, where to find more like them, and, in some cases, which customers to stop doing business with.

  1. Informed Decision Making : Reporting based on accurate and timely information helps companies measure the performance of their processes. Kautilya Bi helps companies make informed decisions on strategic issues by providing crucial information on current and historical performance of the company along with future trends, expected demands, customer behaviour etc.

  1. Identify areas for cost cutting. Enhancing profit can also be done by cost optimisation. Your investment on Kautilya can pay for itself over and over by helping decision-makers identify areas for cost savings. Cutting excessive inventory -- and thereby the cost to maintain it -- is one of the easiest changes a company can make to immediately affect its bottom line. Through kautilya’s dashboards, business gets better visibility into inventory, enabling them to make better decisions about what to order and when so goods don't sit idly on warehouse shelves.

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