Kautilya Business Intelligence – It’s more than just a tool.

Business Intelligence it’s more than a tool

In Today’s World it is important for people to have a complete understanding about the business in order to take right decision at the right time. Business Intelligence is the answer to the same as it works across various factors and uses technology to convert data into actionable information after analysis and then even forecast for the future. By Using Business Intelligence people are able to turn acquired information into output i.e. required result. Decoding Analytics of Business with Business Intelligence One of the key concerns for every business is to maintain a healthy customer database. However, many businesses are not able to connect with end customers in a very user friendly manner. In meanwhile technology adaption, competition, and improved services force customers to change their service providers from one to other. A simple saying is that happy customer is a loyal customer and a properly planned data based approach helps business reduce attrition. Business Intelligence gives a better understanding about customer insights, helps in understanding customer behavior at the right time at the right place. This helps decision takers introduce right product / service at the right time to the right people thereby increasing scope of profits, increased product line, Increasing First mover advantage for a company in the market. There are many unplanned traditional ways by which information about customers can be gathered and processed but it take a lot of time , energy , resources and also it goes through many hands before a final output comes thereby increasing the risk of getting data manipulation done and getting less accurate results. Business Intelligence as a tool can take this scattered information from various sources at a time and can help giving not only expected results but also it can help us giving some predictions about future based on current trends. To overcome many problems like fragmented data, time wastage, energy wastage Kautilya Business Intelligence came with simple software with multifold solutions where not only does a user get real time data but also current position as to where an organization is standing at present. Kautilya Business Intelligence is certainly the right hand of top CXO and key decisions makers of an organization which not only gets them a real picture but also real time predictive analysis based upon data from the past. With Kautilya one can search for any meaningful information represented in very user friendly interface that too in a matter of seconds, thus saving time, energy and structuring meaningful data.

Let’s take an example on how Business Intelligence can help Ecommerce industries

As we all know that ecommerce sites generate huge data every day and to know the story of hidden data, companies need a solution or tool which can help them to take better decisions on the fly. Data can be customer’s information, transactional data, inventory data, returns related data, delivery status data, Social media data, etc. Without a standard BI tool, to analyze these data which are collected from different sources or systems is a time consuming process. Kautilya has overcome with these issues by implementing an amazing feature which is called NLP – Natural language processing. NLP acts like a Google Search Engine for data discovery. It helps the users to simply type or speak their business queries to know the data insights. Don’t you think it’s the simplest way a user can get to know the story of hidden data? Also it saves a lot of time, effort and cost. Let’s try to understand with an example – If today, you want to know, what were your category wise sales? Only one thing which you have to do is to type or speak a question on the NLP search engine in a natural language which you daily communicate as business user’s i.e. category wise sales of 17th Sept. Kautilya BI is intelligent enough to search for your answer from different set of reports and will show you the sales result of 17th Sept. in no time. New age Marketers can take advantage of this collected data in designing proper marketing plans , design and implement marketing campaigns while targeting relevant customers who have the potential to use their services . A properly structured data along with Business Intelligence tools will not only save time and resources but will also help in getting a proper projected idea of expected outcome.

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