Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is fast turning from a luxury to a necessity in the world of BI. The competition is driving every player to try and catch the next big wave way before it hits the market so that they can stay ahead of the curve. It is also used to minimize the costs like Inventory and overheads while maximizing the Revenue and Profits. Till date, Predictive analytics has been a tool in the hands of the Statistician. The challenge that OST had while designing its Predictive module was to give some power to the end user besides giving the option to the Statistician to work deeper magic on the data. Of course it was also important that the tool is not restricted to just becoming a play tool for the end user rather give him enough power to use any algorithm available intuitively. Kautilya in its predictive analytics has broken through the barrier to transcend the same from the statistician to the end user. Thus an end user can choose any report and decide to use predictive modeling on it. He can choose any version to train the model and then another version to test it. He can choose the prediction target and the tool itself tells him various valid classifiers (algorithms) applicable for that target. He can test each of the valid classifiers and get instant results of the accuracy of the same. Based on his requirement he can then choose this predictive model and see the predictions in his existing report. Of course if needed the same can be given to an expert or a statistician who can then build optimal models.

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