The Power of Kautilya BI for E Commerce and M Commerce Industries

Online market for retail in India is growing rapidly but is still nascent. As per industry analysis online industry in India grew by 67 % in 2013 and is growing rapidly.

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The basic commencement of online industry at a very initial level was in the form of websites. However with the advancement of technology along with the penetration of mobile and internet not only enhanced the user experience but took it altogether to a different level.

The internet boom initiated at a very basic level. Earlier the purpose of internet was more as a tool for communication, to explore and enhance knowledge. At that point of time it was serving a different purpose and was more knowledge, communication oriented.

As time and technology changed people started exploring internet as an opportunity to do business and enhance their reach and penetration. It became a medium for every category starting from students, business owners, and various professionals to reach out to the entire global population surpassing the geographical barriers.

Initially internet was restricted to government, corporates as well as educational institutes, but with time it reached not only to desk of common people but to their pockets as well in the form of mobile phones.

Mobile phones dramatically changed the online world, now the technical penetration reached a massive level decreasing the age group gap of internet user. Earlier where it was only restricted to a certain age and gender now with the mobile it became a household thing.

This was the time when e commerce boomed in India and en-cashed the gap that was prominently visible. Some people replicated the concept of online selling business in India that was very popular abroad.

This marked the beginning of a new era of e commerce with websites transforming from content rich info centric options to transactional websites.

Challenges’ With E Commerce / M Commerce

However with every new business comes with its challenges. At present e commerce websites despite of having a good reputation , customer base still face a lot of gaps such as underdeveloped logistics and supply chain operations, poor last-mile connectivity, delivery rejections at the doorstep when cash-on-delivery payments are used, and low conversion rates

With the increasing competition in the online world where every minute a new online venture or a new app is launched it is very important for the online players to carve their unique identity.

Business Intelligence is the need of the hour for online market players to understand the psyche of their customers and to design customer specific marketing solutions. Business Intelligence helps companies to analyse customer behaviour basis on factors like demographics, purchase behaviour, past trends and so on.

This helps key decision makers to design feasible marketing programmes to add new customer base as well as retain the existing customers in this era of competition.

Kautilya Business Intelligence not only helps in analyzing the huge data which is collected from different systems or sources but also helps companies in designing a tailor made BI solution. Its NLP dashboard empowers the users to know the data insights by simply typing business questions in a natural language. It minimizes the effort of IT team and saves a lot of time, effort and cost of the organization. With run time data insights and visualization, it allows the users to take business decisions on the fly.


Kautilya Business Intelligence with Predictive/Advance Analytics Feature helps users to forecast the futuristic data by doing in-depth analysis of various reports gathered from multiple systems in real time and based upon past trends. There by helping key decision maker’s frame a strategy accordingly. And can forecast sales accurately which is data driven, not only intuition based.

Kautilya Self Service BI not only helps key decision makers to design feasible marketing programmes but also helps in saving their IT resources. Since time is a very important factor in E Commerce Industry and decision makers required a system or a solution which helps them to slice and dice the data to take a better decision on the fly.

Kautilya BI allows users to create their own dashboard based on their daily used KPIs and reports for better understanding and visualization of their business data. It’s so simple for a user to add/delete/Create their reports and save on the dashboard. It also allows user to choice different themes and colours combination.

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