Why your business needs a BI dashboard ?

As a small business owner you would certainly know the importance of collecting and analyzing data pertaining to your business and transactions. Business Intelligence dashboards like Kautily (www.kautilyabi.com ) allow not only experts but you also to access information generated by analysis of data through a convenient display. Anyone in the company can have access to business performance metrics which assist them to channelize their behavior and efforts to achieve better results.

A BI dashboard like Kautilya BI (www.kautilyabi.com ) becomes a visual aid that simplifies and conveys complex information in a decipherable manner to its users. Small businesses can make use of graphs, search charts and other rich options which can be customized to a certain scenario to allow the user get a perfect preview of the sales and other variables in the business. In a nutshell, a BI dashboard reveals to a business what is driving its success or failure and where does the business stand.

Deeper Clarity

Kautilya BI (www.kautilyabi.com ) Dashboard is an ace tool for a business to see what forces are driving it at any given point of time. The business owner can pinpoint what is working and what is not without having to wait for the quarterly or monthly report. How well has a particular campaign worked, what has led to its failure or success, what has been the click rate on a particular banner, how many of those who clicked converted etc.

Time saved is money saved

In half the time as what will be taken by a staff person to create a report, refine it and present it to you, a Business Information Dashboard can give you the same information and also allow you to change it dynamically to suit the situation. A Kautilya BI (www.kautilyabi.com ) dashboard can be programmed to update automatically and provide the past reports too as reports keep building up.

Amazing Output Results

When you dive deeper into the dashboard, you as a business owner can address the key performance indicators that will be most instrumental in improving your business operations. This will obviate the possibility of you chasing the wrong ones which may completely take you off the track. Dashboards indicate an improvement and downfall in business activities through a visual cue giving you an idea of the factors you should focus on.

Reduced Tension

Kautilya BI (www.kautilyabi.com ) sends you daily updates based on what you program it to generate. Such reports can be further programmed to produce certain designated KPIs only rather than giving you all inputs at once. Kautilya BI (www.kautilyabi.com ) dashboard can make available profit, sales and service results over time as well as comparisons that give valuable business intelligence resulting in easy management of business assets.

Increased productivity

With a bi dashboard, you can know certain KPIs such as speed of answering phone calls, return rate etc. which can exponentially enhance the productivity of your business.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) :

Driven by highly structured languages, it’s always been difficult for machines to grasp the context of human speech. But machine learning has helped computers parse the ambiguity of human language. With the advent of advanced statistical algorithms, programs are now capable of using statistical inference to make predictions on what was meant in conversation by calculating the probability of certain outcomes. And the brilliance of inference and machine learning is that the program can continually improve itself the more data it processes. Kautilya as tool is way too good when it comes to NLP performance.

It is wise to make use of a business information dashboard to enhance your business productivity and take its reins in your hands, lest your business may chuck a wobbly and spiral out of your control towards irreversible damage

Kautilya is a Business Intelligence software that helps organizations mine and analyze big data and small, help your company improve its bottom line. Let try and understand it point by point. Kautilya can pull up vital information from customer interactions and present it in a manner that is easy to understand, communicate and execute. Kautilya can ensure that detailed reports are provided to companies ensuring that all the crucial information is presented in a well-documented and presentable manner so that information can be used to efficiently manage the business.

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